Letter from our C.E.O

Our purpose at Equiplast SARL has always been to provide the best possible products to the Lebanese market. To achieve that, we are committed to a policy of hard work, professionalism and a dedication to quality.

The reputation for excellence we have managed to build in the market is a result of different factors, ranging from quality material, high-tech and cutting edge production and manufacturing tools and techniques and most importantly, the dedication of our team of employees in their different sectors and job descriptions.

I am very proud of our achievements and of our team as we keep forging forward, determined to remain leaders in the industrial sector and to constantly offer our customers the very best of our services and products.
Nasr Chidiac

Equiplast SARL

Company Profile

Founded in 1995, Equiplast SARL produces different products to answer the needs of the industrial sectors in Lebanon.

Located in Nahr Ibrahim the company manufactures PE80 and PE100 water pipes and PVC soil and water pipes in 20 and 50 meter lengths and diameters ranging between 1/2” to 1 ½”.

Equiplast also manufactures electrical tubes ranging in thickness from 11MM to 36 MM as well as different types of electrical boxes for different uses.

Our state of the art equipment and facilities with in house product testing facilities and quality assurance have made Equiplast SARL a reliable and integral source of industrial products in the Lebanese market.

Our commitment to making our pipes and other products to meet strict international standards allows us to provide the market with top quality, long life products to be safely and efficiently used in the industrial sector.

Our Team

In keeping with our company mission and vision for the reputation we have and want to maintain, our team at Equiplast SARL is comprised of professionals well trained in their domains.

Our plant workers are trained to conduct and oversee the proper manufacturing of our products, minimizing the risk of defective items. These workers as well as the drivers are competent in the safe transportation of products from our factory to our customers’ doors while maintaining the integrity of their loads.

Our team of engineers constantly tests our products to make sure they comply with international standards and to ensure they are in the best possible condition for use by our customers.

Our administrators are well capable of dealing with the demands and needs of our customers and work to make the business experience with Equiplast SARL smooth and successful.

Our Mission

Our mission at Equiplast SAL is to provide our customers with excellent quality products that will adequately serve their industrial needs. Our innovative solutions and diverse products, as well as our high standards of quality are an essential component for maintaining the good relationships we have with our clients and safeguard the high reputation we enjoy in the market.