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Equiplast SARL manufactures electrical pipes and electrical boxes to suit different industrial needs and purposes. We use different types of raw material in injection molding and film for the production of electrical products. Some of the sources for raw material used in electrical pipes are ABS Resin, Sabic, Lotrene, Dowlex, Styron Polystyrene and A-Tech. ABS, Anti-Shock and HDPE are used in the manufacturing of electrical boxes.

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Properties (Pipes & Tubing)

Equiplast SARL manufactures electrical tubes using LDPE (low density polyethylene). Our line of electrical tubes are suitable for enclosing and protecting wires and cables in houses, projects as well as for conducting cables across long distances in infrastructure plans. The smooth inner surface of our tubes minimize the friction between electrical cables and the inside of the pipe.

LDPE is a viable choice for use in industry and infrastructure; some of the properties that make it so are as follows:

  • Low friction coefficient for long distance cable insertion
  • Suitable for infrastructure due to ease of reparation
  • High endurance and flexibility
  • Excellent durability at low temperatures
  • High impact durability
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly as it can be completely recycled

Electrical Boxes

At Equiplast SARL we are committed to manufacturing high quality electrical boxes for the Lebanese market. Our electrical boxes can be used for indoor or outdoor, behind wall, attached to outside of walls as well as other applications. Electrical boxes have several uses and benefits.

Usage & Benefits

The three main uses of electrical boxes are enclosure, maintenance and upgrade and protection:

  • Enclosure: electrical boxes allow for proper covering of electrical wires, keeping them out of sight in order to maintain the integrity of a construction as well as for safety reasons.
  • Maintenance and upgrade: electrical boxes allow for easy access to electrical wires.
  • Protection: electrical boxes are important for grounding electrically charged wires, preventing short circuits and fires.

Plastic electrical boxes are inexpensive and easy to use in both new work and old work situations. The different types of electrical boxes offered by Equiplast SARL cover different construction needs:

  • Junction box: allows circuits to be safely split and branched in different directions.
  • New-work box: installed as part of a new construction
  • Old-work box: designed to be installed after dry-wall has been hung
  • Outdoor box: protects wires from rain, heat, wind and other natural elements

Typical Applications

Typical applications of electrical pipes and tubing include:

  • Conducting electrical cables in castings and acoustic ceilings
  • Conducting in-wall communication an fire alarm cables
  • Infrastructure and industry
  • Conducting telephone cables
  • Security use
  • Television and cable use

Electrical pipes from Equiplast SARL are available in six different colors and a wide range of lengths.

Box Shapes

The different shapes of electrical boxes available from Equiplast SARL are suitable for a variety of purposes:

  • Rectangular box: standard shape-houses a single electrical switch or outlet
  • Square box: houses 4 devices: outlet and switch
  • Rectangular or octagonal box: for lightweight fixtures or devices in the ceiling
  • Ceiling box: for heavy fixtures in the ceiling (such as ceiling fan or chandelier)