PVC Products - Equiplast SARL


Equiplast SARL manufactures PVC pipes for soil and for water drainage that comply with the highest international standards.

PVC pipes are very suitable for draining water and other fluids within a building and are a cornerstone product for any construction project.

Our PVC pipes are available in 25 and 50 meter lengths and diameters ranging between 1/2” to 1 ½”. Other lengths can be provided upon demand.

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Properties & Benefits

The properties of PVC pipes make them essential in construction and public works for many reasons. Such reasons include:

  • Low weight
  • High impact/tensile strength
  • Good hydraulic properties
  • Smooth inner surface that allows for greater flow
  • Non-conductive properties which make PVC pipes immune to electro-chemical corrosion
  • Flame resistance to external ignition sources below 450° C
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Highly recyclable

Storage & Transportation

In our pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction we not only ensure that our PVC pipes are of excellent quality, we also deliver our products to our customers’ doors. Our delivery staff is well trained to store, load and transport PVC pipes, maintaining the integrity of our products and minimizing damage to our pipes.