PE Products - Equiplast SARL


Equiplast SARL manufactures PE 80 and PE 100 pipes of high quality and compliance with international standards EN12201.

Our PE pipes are available in black and blue colors and in special lengths of 25m, 50m, 100m and 200m.

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Properties & Benefits

PE100 pipes have a lot of benefits and properties that make them ideal for usage in different industrial sectors. Some of these benefits and properties are:

  • Thin walls that allow for greater internal diameter
  • PE pipes can maintain same flow even at smaller sizes
  • The flow to size ratio helps save raw material during manufacturing
  • Superior physical and chemical properties
  • Can withstand sterilization by boiling

Manufacturing & Transportation

At Equiplast SARL we strive for excellence in our manufacturing and transportation processes. Computers in our labs control our production lines, and our engineers periodically perform tests on our products to ensure high quality and eliminate the risk of errors. Our transportation crew is well trained to handle and transport our pipes to avoid the risk of damage.

  • Our employees are highly qualified and well trained
  • We offer our customers free delivery of pipes and other products
  • We guarantee the secure and safe transportation of pipes from our factory to our customers’ doors

Reliability In The Field

PE pipes are ideal for use in different industrial areas especially for above ground and underground installation as gas pipes. The structure and composition of PE pipes make them an ideal and safe product for the conduction of gas and other hazardous materials. Some aspects that make them so reliable include:

  • No chamfering or lubrication of pipes required
  • Distinctive blue barb for easy identification for use on rural pipes
  • Well established and reliable technology specifically designed to suit the conditions
  • Toughness of material – high impact resistance, UV resistance and long life
  • Full range of sizes and configurations from 16mm to 125mm
  • Ease of installation: fittings can be tightened by hand